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Pokemon Neo X & Neo Y Download Link:!ipVT0D5Y!qvxnDhjXanj5kd9meFw3QA


Neo X & Neo Y are rom hacks of Pokemon X and Y designed to offer the player greater difficulty through expanded trainers and better variety through edited wild Pokemon encounters along with a plethora of other features. NeoX&Y are pretty much identical at this stage.

Full and Lite Versions

Full version contains all the features mentioned below
Lite version contains only edited trainers and wild Pokemon encounters

Main Features


  • A more consistent but much harder level curve to greatly increase difficulty
  • Many trainers now have a greater amount of Pokemon with custom movesets, higher IVs and items
  • Gym leaders have been significantly upgraded. They get progressively tougher in terms of amount of Pokemon, IVs, Access to Mega-Evolution, move-sets and items
  • There are a greater number of rotation, double and triple battles
  • Calem and Serena's teams' will be completely different depending on your starter

Pokemon (See documentation for detailed information)

  • All 721 Pokemon available in one play-through - every area has a lot more variety to offer
  • All previously unavailable Pokemon are now included - Eg; Rattata
  • Most Pokemon now have easy access to their Hidden abilities. Pokemon who had comparatively non-beneficial abilities have been given a new set entirely
  • Many Pokemon have had their stats slightly edited to make them comparatively viable to use; Some have also had their typing edited such as Golduck who is now Water/Psychic
  • A lot of Pokemon have had their level up moveset edited to either match that of ORAS or improve those who didn't have a great moveset to begin with
  • A few moves themselves have been edited in terms of accuracy, type and BP. HMs such as cut have had their typing changed and BP boosted
  • Pokemon who needed to be traded to evolve can now be evolved by alternate methods (usually by level up)
  • Pokemon who can mega evolve such as Mawile will have a 50% of carrying their respective mega stone
  • All Pokemon eggs now hatch extremely quickly


  • The storyline has been adjusted slightly to make it a little more interesting and controversial (are you doing the right thing?)
  • Team flare have a new ranking order (Leader Lysandre - Deputy Leader Xerosic - four Elemental admins - Commanders - Grunts)
  • Elemental admins are much stronger and use diverse teams according to their element
  • You now have more battles with Shauna, Tierno and Trevor. Most of these are optional and are initiated by seeking out and talking to trainers in areas - Eg; Santalune Forest



  • Kaphotics for the amazing work on PK3DS and the ProjectPokemon community which made this project possible!
  • Asia81 for the effort and simplicity of making it possible to decompress the games and allow me to edit them! Also, for the title screens!
  • SciresM for the 3ds rom builder!
  • SMOKE for having the amazing patience to help with a very tedious game-breaking bug!
  • Kashitoxicblood for the banner+ providing the Neo X rom!
  • Gudenaurock for the custom patcher!
  • Shadowtrance for screenshots!
  • GamingAori for bug testing
  • Sliter for the front page logo!
  • Ericzander for helping with guide and making a video tutorial!
  • Mg1189 for the amazing documentation


  • Talking to trainers post-battle sometimes will bring up empty bubbles, ignore.
  • Have at least two Pokemon in your team for Viola or the game will crash
  • Occasional visual mishap with rotation battles clashing with backgrounds


  • 1.1 - Host a clean ups and simplification of the install process!
  • 1.2 - Overhauled abilities, many wild encounter edits, text edits, new rival battles, move changes included, many evolution re-edits and plethora of level up edits
  • 1.25 - Complete visualized Documentation, massive cleanups, initial dialogue edited a lot and a lot more stat, abilities re-edits. Many bugs sorted out too. Most polished version.
  • 1.3 - All 721 Pokemon now available. Few Pokemon edits and move edits
  • 1.33 - Custom Title Screens! Also adjusted level curve from Viola to Korrina!
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