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Pokemon Rutile Ruby and Star Sapphire Download Link:!ipVT0D5Y!qvxnDhjXanj5kd9meFw3QA

Pokémon Rutile Ruby and Star Sapphire are romhacks of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Their main purpose is to provide a more challenging game experience while not artificially limiting the player. Every trainer in the game has been edited, and the level curve expects use of the Experience Share, which means that you level up very quickly. You should be hitting Level 100 by the time you get to the Elite Four.

As of Version 2.0, there are three builds available of RR/SS! They only differ in Wild Pokémon availability:
  • Legit Build: All Wild Pokémon are 100% legit for trade and will not appear as "hacked" by any legitimacy testers. Post-game foreign Pokémon are unlocked from the start, and rarities and Hordes are adjusted.
  • Leveled Build: Wild Pokémon are the same as in the Legit Build, but are leveled up to keep pace with RR/SS's harsh level curve. A quick adjustment in PKHeX (editing Met Level) will make them 100% legit.
  • 679 Build: Wild Pokémon are altered so that every non-Legendary non-Starter species is available, at the same level as the Leveled Build. Legendary encounters are not changed in this or any Build. Click here for the list of altered encounter tables.

Trainer Changes

view spoiler for detailed changes
  • Harsher Level Curve: Balanced to the EXP Share!
  • All-New Trainer teams, many featuring six Pokémon! Even the rematches have been edited!
  • All Gym Leaders have six Pokémon!
  • Trainers throughout the game have access to Mega Evolution!
  • Alternate Battle Types are more common in the world!

Installation Instructions

{Requirements: N3DS/3DS/2DS on firmware 10.7 or lower with Homebrew Launcher installed and a valid entry point (Ninjhax, Browserhax, OOThax, etc.), OR/AS (Cartridge, eShop, or CIA on CFW)}

  • Install Homebrew on your 3DS. A console on version 10.7 or lower is required. Different system versions may require hardware such as Cubic Ninja to install Homebrew.
  • Download the .zip file for the hack you want to play from the bottom of this thread.
  • Copy the contents of the "HansPack" folder to your 3DS SD card. Do not skip this step, even if you don't need to use Braindump.
  • Use the Braindump app to dump your retail (cartridge or eshop) copy of Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire.
  • Use "RomFS Extractor.exe" to extract the romfs.bin file generated by Braindump. If you get .cxi files, delete Braindump from your SD Card and use the version distributed with RR/SS.
  • Open the "romfs_" folder generated in the last step and copy all the files from the Distribution Pack's "romfs" folder into it.
  • If you want to use a build other than the Legit Build, go into the "Encounter Type" folder, open the Build you want to use, and copy the "a" folder into the "romfs_" folder, allowing it to overwrite. The Legit Build is installed by default, and if you're using it you can skip this step.
  • Now is when you can use PK3DS to randomize your game if you want to. I recommend using the Leveled or 679 Build as a base if you intend to randomize.
  • Run "RomFS Builder.exe" and point it at the "romfs_" folder, save the resulting file as "rruby.romfs" for Omega Ruby or "ssapphire.romfs" for Alpha Sapphire. Note it's rruby and ssapphire.
  • Copy your "*.romfs" file to sd:/hans. NOT sd:/3ds/hans! It should be next to a matching rruby.code or ssapphire.code file.
  • Boot homebrew, click on the Star Sapphire or Rutile Ruby launch banner, and enjoy your game!
  • You'll need to delete your existing save if you want to start a new adventure, so back it up with the included "svdt" app so you don't lose everything. Do not delete your save with a save manager! Delete it from within the game itself otherwise it will become corrupted and not boot!

Gateway and CFW-specific instructions have been removed. They were dated and unclear and relied on tools that don't exist anymore. Sky3DS and CIA installations of OR/AS can run the game through HANS the same way legitimate copies can. I suggest searching gbatemp if you want to compile your own .cia or .3ds file of RR/SS.


  • Any retail cartridges in the "Requirements" area can be replaced by a Sky3DS cartridge, but a Sky3DS cartridge cannot run Rutile Ruby or Star Sapphire directly.
  • If you're running this with HANS, it will use your regular OR/AS save file. To back up your original save file on a homebrew setup, use svdt (included!). Do not delete your save with a save manager! Delete it from within the game itself otherwise it will become corrupted and not boot!
  • It's pronounced "Ru-teel".
  • This ROM hack is capable of trading locally, but it can't go online. If using Hans to load the game, you can just run the game normally (from the 3DS System Menu) to play with updates active and online play enabled.
  • Since this hack makes no changes to save file structure, it works perfectly fine with Pokémon Bank.
  • If you're using a .3ds or .cia build of the game, uninstall all updates to OR/AS before playing and don't let the game update. If you update, you'll lose features.
  • Text has been edited for the English language only.
  • This is NOT designed for Nuzlocke play. It's meant to be challenging by itself without the players imposing their own rules on themselves, and a Nuzlocke will most likely lead to early failure. Grinding can only get you so far: the Elite Four are all Lv100 and packing six Pokémon. Boss battles play out like competitive matches, with them often revenge killing you, setting up, or pulling out surprise moves. This almost guarantees that a player will have at least one or two of their Pokémon faint, which is fun in regular play.
  • If you insist on the Nuzlocke Challenge, I recommend you use the Leveled or 679 Build of the game.

Special Thanks

  • Kaphotics: for creating the stellar PK3DS.
  • SciresM: For making everything possible and coding the tools that form the base of PK3DS.
  • Asia81: For your excellent tutorial on decrypting, unpacking, and repacking 3DS roms.
  • Reisyukaku: For Ohana3DS, which allowed me to edit the costumes for Brendan and May.
  • Pokefreak2112: For teaching me where the title logo files are.
  • smealum: For HANS, making piracy and specialized hardware unnecessary to run ROMhacks.
  • neobrain: For Braindump.
  • meladroit: For svdt.
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